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Monday, February 13, 2006

Survey says

Thomas at The Anatomy of Melancholy has been kind enough to mention this site, as has Michael Allen at Grumpy Old Bookman. Therefore, seeing that I have not reached total narcosis in terms of blogobscurity, I am going to ask for a little feedback in terms of this site itself.

Michael Allen had several comments to make of the constructive criticism sort. There was commentary on the idea behind the site, but also its look. In terms of the idea: this is a debate I'll deal with at more length in a future post. In trems of the site's look, perhaps the most glaring mistake on the page was the weird coding for the excerpt I posted from my screen-novel The Runner. Don't know how that happened. Computers are an eternal mystery to me, and the truth is they frequently make me break down in frustrated sobs and/or screams. Posting English language on Korean software doesn't seem to help, though I'm not sure why. (Something about conflicting software and not the language itself, I'm sure.)

I chose an "arty" template for the site.... We sophisticates laaaaahhv black, dontchya know? But the fact of the matter is, I like that black background. Easier on the eyes (I've got an old VDT monitor.) Others seem to feel the opposite. It's too hard to read, they find.

Well, what do you think? Many years ago, I worked at a survey company. (That's how far back Thomas and I go, incidentally.) So, I'm looking for input, people! Yes, I realize that a survey based on the one or two people who visit this site might be, ah, statistically questionable. ("80% of the respondents like the "minima black" template, within a margin of error of, oh -- all the respondents"). However, the numbers aren't the point. Just tell me what you think. But of course, as always, keep it polite.


Blogger pundy said...

I've put a whole novel up on one of my blogs. Originally it was white print on a blue background but a number of people found this tiring. I switched to the conventional black on white and I think that it is easier to read. However, for my conversational blog where I'm putting up short posts I've stuck with colour and no one seems to mind.

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