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Friday, June 16, 2006


David Thayer on lit-blog product placement:

Confession is good for the soul. That’s why after many months of masquerading as a lit blogger, and what a thin disguise it is when you look back on it, what with alien-abducted German tourists, rambling squads of market weight hogs, and ridiculous compound sentences, lederhosen, Emma Peel, Roman soldiers, the Battle of Costco, crime without yellow tape, an imaginary staff, macaroni recipes, it comes as no surprise to anyone that this is not a blog about literature, it’s an infomercial penned by a desperate cabal of indviduals eager to exploit globalization in a new and harrowing manner.

Let’s face it, you’ve been duped. Concealed in the text of each entry is the hidden message to buy things. Thirsty? You bet you are. Here are some of things you probably own as a result of reading this blog: Some blogs are worth reading for the information they provide....


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