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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Truth Marathon: A Screenplay-novel trailer

VO: We live our lives and look for happiness. That's the degree of truth that we care and know about. But sometimes truth is deeper than this. Sometimes truth is not only buried in our personal past, but the past of all the world. Sometimes the truth we have to face is that of history itself.


A young couple is kissing ardently. The male is Western: slim, intelligent-looking, but with blemished skin and a somewhat awkward and self-conscious manner. The female is Asian: flowing dark hair, high cheekbones, beautiful tawny skin. Yet while she's far more attractive than the male, there is a mute sadness to her, as if she, not he, is the one who finds day-to-day life -- the simple actions of fitting in and being "normal" -- hardest.

PAUL: [whispering] I love you.

SARAH: [not looking at him directly] Just hold me.

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