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Friday, June 23, 2006

Book State, Book Province

David Thayer, noting that of the number of books published annually, only a small number (2%) are of existent manuscripts. It is an injustice, and the way to rectify the situation is clear:

We have the capability to ramp up production from 170,000 to 25,000,000. Certain aspects of the process need to be modernized, streamlined, and rationalized. Let’s take the book party. To accomodate this many titles, one continuous party would be organized. Each day 68,493 authors would be feted, lionized, heralded, and praised. Sure, a noon timeslot would be more coveted than one at 3am, but it’s a party, and who knows who might be awake at that hour craving something to read. The event could be televized, fed into the homes of those tired of watching CSI Miami.

25,000,000 books. Let’s not flinch my friends. This is big, bigger than big. We can build a Greater Lebowsky and use the state of Delaware and certain possessions and archipelagos for storage. They don’t mind. As we grow, they grow. Delaware from sea to shining sea, book capital of the universe.

However, consider the following: 25,000,000 manuscripts only includes those manuscripts that are *completed*. Speaking anecdotally, I know at least half a dozen gifted individuals whose main problem is procrastination. And one reason they procrastinate is because they realize (with greater clarity than I do) that there is, at present, no hope.

But they *would* complete these manuscripts if they realized getting published was a sure thing. When we factor in the potential number of manuscripts that would be complete under the auspices of such a project (let’s call it Operation Enduring Reading), then I think a more accurate figure might be 75,000,000 to 1,000,000,000. Hell, who knows? Let’s say 2,000,000,000 manuscripts just to be on the safe side.

Delaware isn’t big enough. Look north. Look to Ontario.

[note: Thayer responds: I was envisioning an expansist Delaware flexing its muscles or muscle as the case may be. Canada has great potential, but I’d look to the Northwest Territories for the Frozen Moment.]


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