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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Truth Marathon -- trailer

Truth Marathon -- trailer

This is the internet trailer for my screenplay-novel, Truth Marathon. It's meant to capture Truth Marathon's theme of contemporary big-city life -- in particular, the relationship between Paul and Sarah. But it's also meant to capture the novel's underlying theme of the power of history and how it constantly exerts its effect on people, even when they're unaware of it.

There are two major historical events addressed in Truth Marathon: the first is Pearl Harbor, the second the outbreak of the Korean War. About the latter, it is safe to say this still makes its effect felt on the Korean people -- not on a daily basis, but nevertheless regularly, inexorably.

History matters. It matters to individuals. It matters to nations. Yet the paradox of history is that quite often, even when scholarship shows certain facts to be true, it can be glossed over by myth.

[Special thanks to Yang Sang-joon and friend for putting this together]


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